How to stream KBACK.ROCKS through Amazon Alexa/Echo device via voice command


*Amazon Alexa compatible and registered device (Echo Series Devices, Alexa App, etc)

*Access to your Amazon internet account or Amazon Alexa Mobile App on your mobile device.


We rec commend Initial Setup be performed on the Mobile App, however similar steps can be achieved using the Alexa website login as well:

Via the Amazon Alexa device app ‘or’ your Alexa website login (…. Select Drop down arrow in the top header bar (right of the three horizontal lines) and select the registered device you would like to stream KBACK.ROCKS too.

Click on the three horizontal lines in the top left corner of the app.

Select “Music, Video, & Books”.

Scroll down to the “+tunein” selection.

Search TuneIn for “”

Select the displayed “KBACK.ROCKS” station.

Select the bouncing audio graphical level meter in the bottom bar to bring up the actual player controls.

Select the “QUEUE” tab in the top header 

Click on the carrot icon to the right of the KBACK.ROCKS station logo.

Select “Favorite station”, which should auto save it to your TuneIn favorites list.  You should now have the ability to voice command your Alexa/Echo device: “Alexa, play TuneIn” or just simply “Alexa, TuneIn” and it should select your last played station (which should have been KBACK.ROCKS). Or, you can also try asking “Alexa, play K B A C K” (spelled out instead of saying KBACK as one word. Unfortunately, this is something Amazon is currently trying to resolve to recognize “KBACK” or “KBACK dot ROCKS” phrase in the next coming Alexa update….hopefully soon!). You can also manually select your saved favorite KBACK.ROCKS station on your Amazon Alex app(within the TuneIn music selection), to start it playing on the Amazon Alexa/Echo device (or for the initial recognition if prior steps did not work initially). Happy KBACK listening, and hopefully Amazon will fix their “KBACK” recognition soon, or a KBACK.ROCKS Alexa ‘skill’ will be created to resolve the issue.  

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